Smart Medical Diet Application

A mobile application* developed by the Canada-based Mardani Diet and Health Inc. providing its users with a personalized diet, utilizing their actual health information.

*app still under development



Lose weight the smart way, with medical science and artificial intelligence on your side


The most comprehensive and trustworthy medical app on the market


A cheap and healthy diet solution that helps you lose weight quickly


You can count on this app to be there when you need it. Your diet advisor in your pocket

A Smart & Affordable Health Care Solution

Smart Diet Application will utilize blood tests to develop a proper diet for the user. From the test results and identification of the desired parameters, there will be a detailed data analysis which will ultimately provide the user with a dietary output.

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“I personally know Dr. Mardani, so even though the app is still under development and has not been released, I am certain that it will revolutionize the personalized health care of Canadians.”

Mehdi Safavi

CEO, Juice Academy

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